Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talking Webcomics

Specifically, good Webcomics. Over the past decade the internet has proven to be a great outlet for many really excellent comics, from long-form storytelling strips to three panel jokes. The artist has a complete freedom that one simply doesn't have going through a syndicate or a publisher.

Of course, this being the internet, most of the Webcomics out there are terrible. On this blog I'll be talking about the ones that you actually should be reading, the very best of them. And I'll let you know which ones to avoid.

First on the agenda will be the works of Jeffery Rowland. In the next post I'll get you acquainted with his two best strips, Wigu and Overcompensating. Later we'll get into the wonderful world of John Allison, and the surreal, utterly unique Achewood by Chris Onstad.

And since it's fun, I'll have a review of a certain... odd offering from another offer that you may not have heard of. It isn't a good one, just something bizarre. My objective isn't to tear anything down with the vitriol of John Solomon, but sometimes these bad Webcomics just have to be analyzed because there's never really been anything quite like them.

So, hello!


  1. I love webcomics but finding them is like panning for gold, difficult and you get limited results. Keep at it!

  2. What the hell, Blogger? You mean you won't let me scrub my derisive comment from the memory of the Internet?

  3. The internet is a permanent place, so the government can find you when you are mean to them.

    Big Brother yo